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With four centuries of history working with the greatest perfumers, Groupe Pochet has today a unique glass expertise in luxury bottles, with its an exceptionally pure material, and a perfect mastering of the external shape and internal glass distribution.


Groupe Pochet develops and manufactures plastic jars, bottles, make-up boxes, and packaging accessories for the make-up, skincare and fragrance markets.


Thanks to its high-level industrial expertise, Groupe Pochet also provides metal packaging elements to its customers : zamac, aluminium, brass, etc…


Lacquering, screen-printing, pad-printing, hot stamping, assembly… Groupe Pochet provides its customers with an exceptional palette of finishing techniques to fulfill their creative dreams.

Promotional items

Groupe Pochet accompanies all of its customers promotional item projects, thanks to its partner factories, built to meet the industrial and quality requirements of the luxury and spirits industry.


From design to industrialization, Groupe Pochet takes responsibility for the production of accessories for the cosmetic industry (fragrance, skincare, make-up).

Innovation & development


Our Innovation policy

Groupe Pochet is the union of three entities which each contribute their own long history of innovation, meaning that the group currently combines the most comprehensive range of materials, technologies and expertise on the market.


A structured, expert organisation concentrated on transversality and the pursuit of creative synergies is a unique asset, and yields results on a daily basis.


This proactive innovative approach subsequently flows through the entire Group. It involves our products and processes as much as our services, re-imagined with a  design-thinking approach focused on the uses and needs of the end consumer.


Innovation is the real cornerstone of our ambition for the coming years, and we are proud of the successes it creates. It unites our teams, creates confidence and provides a joint roadmap for our Group.


In’pressive!, fragrance sculptor

A new technical and creative era has begun with In’pressive, a patented innovation by Groupe Pochet that allows the interior shape of the bottle to be sculpted, effectively reinventing the world of perfume


E-motion, light design

E-motion means that light has become the ultimate luxury packaging element.

The custom-designed lighting effects interact with the design, texture and decoration of the glass, giving your product a whole new aura.



Pure Drop, The Infinite Airless Evolution

The high-end airless pump that combines the best technology and performance: the future of Skin Care.
The conception is based on the separation of the esthetic and technical functions, allowing to optimize each of them. Pure Drop can free the airless from its functional constraints, and offers a total freedom to customize products whilst fully benefitting from the combination of materials and savoir-faire of the Pochet Group. Pure Drop has also inherited our Korean partner Samwha’s technical expertise, going beyond the state of the art materials, in terms of skincare formulas protection, distribution of high viscosity formulas, neutrality.


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Groupe Pochet’s synergy achievements



« Alexander McQueen »

by Alexander McQueen


Glass bottle, and lacquering - Pochet du Courval, Collar varnishing - Solev, Cap, shoulder piece, base and assembling - Qualipac

A Couture packaging for the latest Alexander Mc Queen


Les vernis à ongles

de Louboutin Beauté


Bottle realized by Pochet du Courval Cap realized by Qualipac 
Covered by a cap « Stiletto » which upsets the patterns With the unique height and decoration treatment on the cap which provides a shiny and smooth surface, the precious glass bottle offers an outstanding container to the vibrant colours of the range


L’homme idéal

de Guerlain


Bottle realized by Pochet du Courval Cap by Qualipac, coating by Solev

The pure, clean graphic lines of Pochet du Courval's bottle are reproduced to create a visual echo in this bevelled and embossed "square within a square" design. Soft, matte taupe lacquered sides , and perfectly flat shoulders enhance the contemporary appeal of this design. The collaborative efficiency between the three entities of Groupe Pochet is exemplified by the flawless assembling of electro-plated collar with the glass.