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François Le Vaillant receives patent letters from Catherine de Cleves, Duchess of Guise and Countess of Eu, authorizing him to establish glassworks, in Le Courval, located in the forest of Eu, between La Haye de Guimerville and Sénarpont.


The glassworks of Courval make their first bottle designed by a fragrance producer. This is the Cologne Impériale by Guerlain, dedicated to the Empress Eugenie. The Courval performs a technical prowess with this exclusive and prestigious bottle, sold as a limited edition.


In Paris, the faience maker Pierre Deroche had founded the Maison Deroche, specialized in porcelain objects painting, and subsequently in the finishing operations on glass objects. Soon it collaborates increasingly with the Courval glassworks. In 1883, after the marriage of Jean-Baptiste Pochet to Estelle Deroche, the Maison Deroche becomes the Maison Pochet.
The factory moves to 121 Quai de Valmy in Paris.


Charles Colonna de Giovellina, Flying Officer, marries the heiress of the Maison Pochet and becomes the head of the company. Rapidly his brother Marcel joins him, and the Colonna brothers actively develop the Courval glassworks. The Maison Pochet, who is already the stockholder, purchases all the shares in 1934, renaming it « Verreries Pochet et du Courval ».


In 1971 the Group makes the bold gamble of modernisation under the leadership of Charles' two sons, Henri and Jean Colonna de Giovellina. A factory allowing the complete automation of the bottle manufacturing process is built on the site of Guimerville, only a few kilometers away from the historic Courval site. This investment represents one year's revenue.


Gabriel Colonna de Giovellina joins the Group with a solid professional experience outside the family business. He will be the CEO from 1987 to 2008 and will be the man of continuity, diversification and development.


Already operating commercially in the US since the late 60s, Pochet strengthens its presence in the United States, a fast growing market, by creating a subsidiary in Wayne, New Jersey, dedicated to the trading and finishing of bottles produced in France.


Pochet creates the Qualipac company, dedicated to plastics cosmetics packaging, as a joint venture with Sommer-Alibert. The Qualipac Division is re-inforced through acquisitions and creations within France: Auriplast, LMA, Priminter, Qualiform. In 2004, Pochet becomes the unique shareholder of Qualipac.


Qualipac continues its expansion strategy abroad. In 2002, the Division integrates Qualipac China. In 2008, the company Qualimetal is created in China, located at Huizhou. In 2009, Qualipac buys the Brazilian company IPEL, based in Sao Paulo.


Groupe Pochet makes two new acquisitions. Lisi Cosmetics joins Qualipac and is renamed Qualicosmetics. The Group also acquires the SOLEV company, specialized in high added value decoration processess, and particularly in vacuum-metallization techniques.


The "Maison Pochet" opens its doors and gathers its Parisian teams in a single place. Eco-conceived and eco-friendly, the Maison Pochet is close to its main customers. It embodies the boldness, the innovation spirit and the flexibility that have built the Group's strength and reputation on the worldwide market.


Groupe Pochet developed across the world with the opening of a new plastic site in Shanghai, China.


The Group expands its Plastic Division in Brazil and move to a bigger site in Jundiaí.


Pochet du Courval and Qualipac receive the Platinum level by EcoVadis and rank in the Top 1% of the world's best performing companies in terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Irène gosset

Executive Board President of Groupe Pochet


Through the innovative alliance of its expertise, Groupe Pochet fulfills the most beautiful packaging dreams of its customers.

Tristan farabet

Managing Director of Groupe Pochet

Vision & ambition

By implementing noble, creative synergies within our Group, we want to be the preferred partner of our customers for our manufacturing excellence, the engagement of our teams, our Corporate and Social Responsability.


La société est administrée par un Directoire et un Comité de Direction sous le contrôle d’un Conseil de Surveillance

Locations of the group

An international group with 16 sites spread over 3 continents


Qualipac China


Pochet do Brasil

Priminter Hong-Kong & China

Pochet du Courval America and Qualipac America

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sites de production et bureaux répartis sur le territoire français


Pochet du Courval Gamaches

Priminter’s headquarters

Pochet du Courval Guimerville

Pochet du Courval Beaugency

Qualipac Aurillac

Qualipac Château-Thierry

Qualicosmetics Aurillac

Qualipac Chartres

Qualipac Aluminium

Groupe Pochet’s headquarters

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Key Figures

  • Close to 500 M€

    Annual Turnover 2019

  • About 4000

    employees including more than 3000 in France

  • 200 M€

    invested between 2015 and 2019

  • 14 sites

    on 3 continents

  • 460M€

    de chiffres d'affaire en 2013

  • 460M€

    de chiffres d'affaire en 2013

  • 4600M€

    de chiffres d'affaire en 2013

  • 1235$

    de chiffres d'affaire en 2010

  • 999$

    de chiffres d'affaire en 2014