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Our values


Together we daily work for the success of our customers successes.

Together we protect our exceptionnal expertises and competences and we ensure their transmission to new staff generations.

Together we benefit from our diversity to build the unity of our Group towards future by breaking down the barriers and sharing best practices.


We have all received a heritage of excellence when joining Groupe Pochet. For four centuries our Group has been reknowned for the very high quality of its products and the uniqueness of its expertise, at the frontier between art and industry. Excellence is a trademark that we claim with pride, and remains for us an ongoing quest and constantly renewed requirement that we strive to honour at all levels of our company.

Customer Commitment

Our customers are at the heart of our approach at every level of our organization. As experts fully dedicated to the success of each customer’s project, we remain attentive to their needs by meeting all their requirements, with the ambition of becoming their partner of choice. We also try to fulfilll our customers’ wishes by pushing back the boundaries of technology and constantly develop our expertise.


Consideration is a powerful word, it’s a mixture of respect, esteem and benevolence that reflects our view of the world and our company’s vision. We are aware that Groupe Pochet owes its success to the engagement of every one; we want our employees to feel listened to and valued in their work. Every day we are committed to showing the same consideration for our products, our customers and our environment.


For many years, Groupe Pochet has placed a strong focus on compliance with environmental and social regulations. We extend this requirement to all of our suppliers and regularly subject them to rigorous audits to ensure that they meet our standards with regards to the industrial quality of their products and their own commitment to corporate social responsibility.


All of our divisions are engaged in long-term activities within the local community, the workplace and the environment. As a major local employer, our production sites contribute to the economic vitality of the regions where they are established. Our management teams have put robust policies in place to ensure employee safety, as this is a major issue in our industry. We have implemented targeted actions on our production sites to preserve resources and protect the environment: monitoring and reducing CO2 and atmospheric emissions, reducing energy and water consumption, sorting and recycling waste and compliance with REACH legislation.


At a time when Groupe Pochet is reaffirming its ambitions, we want to go further and implement a global CSR strategy, one that is bold and consistent and the sign of a company that is conscious of its responsibilities. We are convinced of the importance of these issues for our customers, and count on becoming their partner of choice through the level and quality of our commitments.

Customer Commitment

Commitment to our customers is one of Groupe Pochet’s four cardinal virtues and a strategic development priority for us in the years to come.


Our company’s history is one of unwavering commitment to our customers ’ success. Since our company was founded, we have focused on a single, core activity and devoted our efforts to a limited number of customers who, in return, have renewed their confidence in us from generation to generation.


As a family-run business with a decentralized operating structure, we develop close ties with our customers, in proximity to our production sites.
We strive to maintain these advantages, while ensuring that our customers benefit from value-driven synergies between our different divisions.
Our commitment can be seen daily in our efforts to meet our customers’ technical challenges. We aim for excellence, and provide customers with the best technologies and materials – because our customers’ success is our success.
Each year we invest heavily in new technology to stay at the forefront of industry expertise and anticipate our customers’ needs. Our commitment to our customers is also visible in our strategy of continual adaptation to their requests. This will continue to frame our future development.


We are organized around our customers with a dense network of contact points that enable us to propose tailor-made responses. We are determined to continually improve how we serve our customers and to drive further improvements within our organization; particularly by meeting and listening to our customers to perfectly understand their needs.