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Groupe Pochet > Morphoz


A unique glass bottle modelling tool to fast-track your product developments

Groupe Pochet > Morphoz


A unique glass bottle modelling tool to fast-track your product developments

A unique augmented modelling service

Morphoz, the fruit of 15 years of development, is a new augmented modelling tool for our customers.

It helps preview your glass creation in a realistic way, as close as possible to the real product, without requiring the slightest test. It integrates the manufacturing characteristics of Pochet du Courval glass, as well as the technical constraints of finishing and thus shows the real glass distribution in the bottle, the path of light in the columns and the base, the effects of the decor and finishes, in combination with the color of the juice.


A tool for fast-tracking developments and tooling

Prior to the prototyping and pre-production steps, with Morphoz, the virtual becomes real through the combination of creativity, technology and manufacturing constraints while including industrial feasibility: price estimates, development schedule and CO2 impact for a quick alignment of the Marketing and Development teams.

It provides a budget estimate, a development schedule and the carbon impact for each development proposal.

A dedicated platform

Groupe Pochet is developing Morphoz further by launching a secured website for its customers. This dedicated space will serve for collaborative work and help the teams work easily and quickly. Marketing, development, purchasing and innovation experts may now publish their product brief, exchange in real-time, request adjustments in the weight of the glass, the decors etc. or approve the bottle to start producing samples.

Our iconic achievements created with Morphoz

The Pochet Group is the benchmark packaging partner of the most prestigious perfume and cosmetics brands around the world.
Discover these emblematic achievements

Diesel's bold form

Thanks to morphoz, the lacquer tint and its intensity have been selected for this flanker.

Izia's decor

Morphoz has made it possible to render in augmented modeling of metalized decors and laser deburring

An unprecedented glass distribution with Fenty

Morphoz made it possible to visualize the exact distribution of the weight of glass in the bottle