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Groupe Pochet > News > Object(s), the exhibition about the Groupe Pochet heritage was a success!

Object(s), the exhibition about the Groupe Pochet heritage was a success!

4000 VISITORS visited the exhibition

More than 4,000 visitors came to the Glass Museum in Blangy-sur-Bresle (Normandy) this summer to discover and admire the exceptional industrial and historical heritage of Pochet du Courval and, more broadly, of the Groupe Pochet !


Over 200 remarkable objects were carefully selected for this event, offering an exceptional opportunity to discover the company’s history. Old molds and books of molds, bottles from the past and present, Pochet-Deroche porcelain service, a satchel that belonged to Jean-Baptiste Prosper Pochet-Deroche, copper plates, old photos, plastics, glass and metal were all on display.


This exhibition is the fruit of research, collection and classification work carried out by Groupe Pochet in partnership with historian Hélène Schney, enabling us to retrace the Group’s history and highlight these precious historical objects, witnesses to an era.


The exhibition opening was attended by Irène Gosset, President of Groupe Pochet, and Eric Arnoux, Mayor of Blangy-sur-Bresle.


We would like to thank Lolita Delesque, Glass Museum Manager & Cultural Coordinator.