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Groupe Pochet > News > Meet the Pochet Group American team : innovation, savoir-faire and passion since 1623

Meet the Pochet Group American team : innovation, savoir-faire and passion since 1623


Pochet Group began working with its first sales agent in the US, in New Jersey, in 1970. 53 years on and the US market now accounts for 25% of Group revenue. The Group has enjoyed continuous growth across the Atlantic with key brands and now also more and more with West-Coast Beauty-sector Indy brands. So, what’s fueled this success? Yves Bouquier, Chief Sales Officer for Pochet du Courval America and Eric Vanin, President of Qualipac America, give us the answers.

Meet the Pochet Group American team

Question: An impressive track record that’s proved consistent over the years!


Yves Bouquier: Yes, indeed. We’ve continued to consolidate our positions across the US in recent years and have seen really high demand since the start of the year. Much higher than in Europe. We’ve never delivered more glass perfume or beauty bottles in our entire existence around the globe than last year. That’s a record, right, for a firm that’s celebrating its 400th anniversary this year and that claims it was behind the creation of Guerlain’s first Abeilles bottle back in 1853! At the same time, we’ve ramped up our presence across the US. We expanded on the West Coast with a portfolio of customers and actually set up an office with a team of two end 2019 that ensures we’re able to grasp any opportunity for growth that comes our way. Among the brands we work with, we can mention Brionni, Miki Moto, Luxury Collection as well as Fenty, the perfume bottle imagined for Rihanna.


Question: Success that didn’t happen by chance!


Eric Vanin: Success thanks to thorough work, in particular on the Prestige segment where we’re the only ones able to offer such cutting-edge technology, especially when it comes to multi-material solutions thanks to our industrial power and our ability to carry out research and innovate via our design office in New Jersey, among others. And, this means we can work locally with US brands such as Estée Lauder, Interparfums US, Fresh (LVMH Group), Revlon.

We deliver one-of-a-kind multi-material expertise by fully mastering and combining glass, metal, plastic, adornments and beauty accessories through our Pochet du Courval (glass), Qualipac (metal and plastic), Solev (adornments) and Aura (objects, boxes and accessories) brands. And, thanks to this, we’re able to imagine complex, sophisticated shapes and add meticulous, elegantly-detailed finishing touches to meet Luxury brands’ functional, stylistic and sustainability specifications.

We can also add our decorative mastery to this know-how

We also master all the techniques for creating and assembling the items


Question: The environment is a key issue around the world and in the US!


Yves Bouquier: It is indeed, for sure! It’s clearly a major concern across the Atlantic. Sustainable growth and, more globally, CSR are at the heart of Pochet Group DNA and strategy. We’re committed to a sustainable approach when manufacturing and we work with SEVA3, an Excellent recycled glass that contains 15% of recycled glass recovered from household collections, as well as with virtuous PCR plastic.