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Refined simplicity

In keeping with the grand tradition of vanity cases, Cartier has created a collection of perfume essentials with refined and delicate bottles crafted by Pochet du Courval.

The perfume essentials boxes feature a refillable bottle to change perfumes at leisure at any time of the day.

Pochet du Courval crafts 30 ml refillable glass bottles that can be slipped into the box. A true concentration of technical feats, these refillable bottles are very fine and weigh only 66 grams for a 30 ml format.


“Achieving such fineness of glass for a format of this size required very precise adjustments between the roughing mold and the finishing mold ,” Renan Hermier, Development Project Manager at Pochet du Courval, explains.

The design of the long and rectangular bottle was thought so as to combine both the uniform distribution of glass and a very fine bottle thickness that could be easily slipped into the box, with the set meant to stand vertically.

Our iconic achievements

The Pochet Group is the benchmark packaging partner of the most prestigious perfume and cosmetics brands around the world.
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