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The art of reliefs

Inviting women to express their strength of character and to fulfill their dreams, the perfume Voce Viva and the new Eau de parfum Voce Viva Intensa signed by Valentino are characterized by intense and magnetic citrus notes.

Entirely crafted by Groupe Pochet —bottle and cap—, Voce Viva mirrors the audacity of Valentino through its cubic shape adorned with the Rockstud: the Italian Maison’s iconic pyramidal form.


Pochet du Courval confirms its glassmaking mastery by creating the illusion of a square within a square, a perfect glass distribution and flat shoulders. Pochet du Courval has achieved a technical feat in forming the silhouette of the two inverted studs inside the sides of the bottle. Valentino’s iconic studs also crown the stopper crafted by Qualipac.

Masterfully injected in relief on the collar and the cap of the bottle, they add a touch of contemporary elegance.

The cap is also remarkable with its selective electroplating or revealing two red-colored faces for Voce Viva and burgundy-colored for Voce Viva Intensa.


The name Valentino is inscribed across the face of the bottle in red silk-screen print, with an elegant and impressive result.

Our iconic achievements

The Pochet Group is the benchmark packaging partner of the most prestigious perfume and cosmetics brands around the world.
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